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You mentioned propoganda "is about number and speed, unit and speed - how quickly of these things can we make."

My mind is a little wahaaey so i though this should be a nice Segway.

For arguments sake let's conclude the Qur'an has 6235 verses - excluding Basmalahs, including the first one, but for brevity, know that alif laam meem occurs 6 times. Anyways, let's crunch these numbers. But before that I found it interesting to note that 6 and 2 are the first and third even numbers while 3 and 5 are the first and third prime numbers.

6x2x3x5 = 180 (500% increase)

6x2x3 = 36 (300% increase)

6x2 = 12 (100% increase)

6 = 6

Now here's the velocity of ball rolling down a hill assuming no resistance, only gravity - a physics fact.

1 time unit (call it a second, doesn't matter what you use) = 1 unit travelled

2 units of time and the ball will have travelled 4 units (1 + 3)

3 = 9 (1 + 3 + 5)

4 = 16 (1 + 3 + 5 + 7)

5 = 25 (1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9)

6 = 36 (1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9 + 11)

And so on...The ball will continue to increase its speed forever as the distance travelled increases per time unit by the previous accumulated odd numbers. This is a perfect system and a physics fact.

Only today it dawned on me to try furthering this By continuing the multiplication process and got the same results!

6x2x3x5 - now multiply by 7, we get 1260. 1260 / 180 is 700%.

Again, next odd. 6x2x3x5x7x9 = 11340 / 1260 = 900%.

Anyway I thought was a fun find, I didn't know about the rolling ball phenomena but came across it on some YouTube channel and my mind went off on one.

I also figured ah heck let's assume a 24hr time unit time unit for 6235 - so we square it and divide by 365 or 354. Lol!!!

Anyway if we assume it has 6236 well crunch those and you'll arrive at Plato's number 216.

Sorry for the side show!!! But thought it was worth sharing.

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I think you would enjoy Pythagoras.

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I had to Google what Pythagoras was again. I realised last time I did any Pythagoras was in school, hated it!

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It is possible that what you were taught was not actually Pythagoras — or that 30 seconds on Wikipedia is not capable of imparting a genuine appreciation of what he taught (without the metaphysics, the rest of it is hollow).

I'm horrible at what is called today maths, but the metaphysics side of Pythagoras is something I am genuinely grateful for having had the opportunity to appreciate.

But then again people have different aptitudes and are ready for things at different times.


Sam Gerrans

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Excellent! Thank you, Sam! ❤️👍

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Good episode

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as humanity began to evaluate its condition and various life forms, it became apparent "life" was temporary until death --- those regarded by society as "not hard of thinking" realized all ideas, inventions and methods would be temporary --- as leaders emerged suitable naratives became necessary in maintaining "order" --- all very basic and understandable BUT a difficulty I have is understanding "A Day of Judgment" required by "god, creator, designer, architect" who if all knowing and loving could not allow such a life process to exist or if initated life not knowing it's outcome could not be justified in punishing --- life is definitely beautiful and amazing and death is definitely the end of all we know.

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In the words of Ricky Gervais "You're all gonna die, and there's no sequel" 😃🤗

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Thank you Sam

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